Friday, June 2, 2017

Advanced hair transplant treatment with PRP therapy in India

Advanced hair transplant treatment with Platelets Rich Plasma therapy is started at Walia Hair Transplant Hospital India Ludhiana. It is incredibly useful to assist 4th Generation FUE hair transplant minor surgeries done by Dr. D. S. Walia at the clinic. The treatment boosts up hair growth of transplant hair grafts. It also provides strength to the hair grafts. Platelets Rich Plasma injections are injected in head skin of a patient who wants hair transplant treatment at the clinic. 2 or 3 sessions of the therapy are given to a patient while considering his/her health conditions & extent of hair loss. The treatment is proved to be very successful. It accelerates growth of transplant hairs and decreases recovery time also. Several patients at the hospital are getting benefits of the advanced technology for their hair transplantation done by the surgeon. The technique is really wonderful for modern Hair Transplant in India at economical pricing.   

Saturday, March 18, 2017

what cause alopecia and how to treat it for ever?

Alopecia generally known as hair loss or baldness is a common problem people are going through as soon as they hit 30 usual types could be male and female pattern hair loss and receding hairline.Several drugs, BP problems, cholesterol, heart problem, pregnancy, environment issues, vitamins or minerals deficiency could be the reasons of temporary or permanent hair loss. It is also a natural condition of gradual thinning of hair as you age. Unhealthy environmental issues play a significant role in damaging hair and results in thinning crown it includes toxins, pollutants etc which blocks hair follicles and cause continuous hair fall and restrict hair healthy growth. Hair transplant procedures are generally carried out under local aesthetic. An experienced surgeon would take hair from the back of the head to the areas of thinning or zone with bald patches and the quality new hair regrow starts to occur within few weeks of the transplantation sessions. Grafts of follicles taken from the scalp back are implanted into the bald sections using a tiny punch device.
Hair Transplant ludhiana

Though several surgical options are available but what procedure is best for an individual patient is recommended by doctor based on patient’s characteristics and the cost varies with it. The sophisticated refined methods work to provide a natural looking hairline particularly those has great hair loss. Wigs or weave cannot be an alternative to surgical hair transplant India since they are unrealistic and gives you fake appearance to cover your naked head for a short period of time whilst hair reproduction leads to give results which are permanent and natural. About loss of growth of the eyebrow can also be treated with the doctor who wants their look to be permanent.